Have you ever wondered why despite all your hard work to create branded content, why is your ROI suboptimal?

As a marketer, this was a question that kept Sooraj Divakaran up at night. 

He soon realized that he wouldn’t find answers to his question online. Because it requires you to continually experiment, carefully evaluate your data and ask the right questions.

He started Digital Uncovered to share his expertise and learnings from work and beyond. The motto was not to offer any fluff or “high-level” advice. But actionable tips that will help people like you to drive traffic, links, and rankings.

He continues to offer actionable advice on Digital Uncovered, and other marketing publications.

Skills & expertise

What makes the wheels turn?

Sooraj is a self-taught marketer. He believes that he was never destined to be a marketer, at least by qualification. But later in his life, he realized that it only ignited his desire to learn more about this field.

With 14+ years of expertise in a variety of marketing roles, he has also served as a consultant for numerous businesses.

His site is consistently ranked as one of the finest internet marketing blogs in the world, and his work has been published in several publications.

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